Cake Sales                          

The termly cake sales are run by each year group - starting with Year 6 in October.  It is assumed that everyone knows how to run a cake sale but here's some core information.

Cake Harvesting
The reps should send out emails/fb in advance requesting baking and for people to either drop their cakes off in the morning to Whoop - where they can be kept safely until 3.30.  Or they can bring them at pick up - but preferable as early as poss before the bell rings so the cakes can be laid out.  Any unclaimed containers at the end of the sale can be left in Whoop! and collected the following week.  Encourage labelling.

Bring bags
People will need to put their cakes in a bags, there are sometimes bags available in the WPSA cupboard but it's often easier for the reps to just bring some themselves rather than go to the cupboard and find there aren't any there.

Float and Takings
Mrs Waring has this in the safe in the office.  Get there about 3.10-3.15 on the day and pop in and she'll let you have it.  Bring 2-3 tupperware pots with you for your cash pots.  Remember how much float you have - the treasurers are delighted to get a float back in the same state it went out, so if you can bag it back up again even better.  A treasurer may be there to take the takings and float home but occasionally they won't be and the office may be closed by the time you've packed up.  If the office is still open put all the cash back in the safe.  If the office is closed you will need to take the money home until Monday when it should get back to the safe for collection by the treasurer.

3 or 4 tables should be enough for a cake sale.  The tables can be grabbed from outside the kitchen serving hatch. A 'U' shaped arrangement usually works best - which is why 2-3 cash pots is useful.

Cakes are 50p each.  They'll be gone in a flash.  It's like a black Friday scrum.  Enjoy!

Before your event can you please complete the pre-event expenses form and return to the WPSA (either electronically to, in the black WPSA box or hand to Jo Hiles.  The pre-event expenses form is available for download here.  We are hoping to build up a good source of information which will be available electronically for each event.  Contact Jo or email to see what is available and for access to the documents on google drive.

To ensure that each subsequent event we run is as easy to plan as possible it would really help if you could take the time to complete the post-event form  and return to the WPSA (either electronically to, in the black WPSA box or hand to Jo Hiles.  This will enable us to capture all the details of what went into the event planning and makes the whole process more efficient.  Download the form here.

It would really help if you could prepare a short handover note for the next organisers of your event.  What went well, what didn't etc what you might do differently.  This can then be uploaded to the google drive for the organisers next year.


If you need to buy supplies for your event you can claim the money back from the WPSA.  Please ensure you have your receipts and please ensure the receipts submitted are just for the items you've bought for the event, not your weekly shopping receipt with various items underlined - this makes it much more difficult for the treasurer to keep a clear paper trail.  If you've volunteered recently and need to claim back expenses, you can download the expenses claim form complete it and leave it in the WPSA box (include your receipts please!).


Most (if not all) events will require a float.  Details of the float for your event will be amongst all the information from the previous years' organisers.  Floats should be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.  They are left in the school safe in the office on the day of your event.  Please don't forget to collect the float before the office closes as Mrs Waring will need to give you access to the safe.  Floats should be requested from the treasurer.

WPSA Cupboard

The WPSA cupboard is at the back of the hall and contains various items needed for events.  It contains stock supplies usually left over from previous events, items may or may not include: cups, bags, tea/coffee/washing up supplies, wine, sweets, water, beer crisps.  If you're planning an event and have decided what you need to buy you should check in the cupboard first to see what's there.  You may save yourself some initial spending.  Please leave the cupboard tidy and ensure any food items are stored in containers with secure lids as we don't want any visitors in the cupboard.

What happens to leftover stock

If you still have stock left over from an event there a few things you can do.  You can either return the stock (if you buy wine on sale or return for example).  You can put the stock in the WPSA cupboard where it can be used for the next event if they need it.  Or if you don't want surplus stock affecting your event's profit you could try to sell it on to the organisers of the next event.  

There is always stock leftover in the cupboard so please check before you do your shopping for your event.  Try to use what's there or it risks being wasted (for example crisps going out of date) so please head there first.  Referring back to previous sales made at the event will also help you buy the right amount.

Risk Assessment, Heath and Safety, Bar Licence

All events require a risk assessment to be completed beforehand and will need a health and safety volunteer on the night.  If you are running a bar (which you usually are) you need to apply for a temporary event licence from the council to cover you for the event to sell alcohol.  The link to the form will be up soon.

Booking the hall / Mr. A.

If your event is on the school premises you need to ensure that the hall (plus any other classrooms required) is booked.  You'll also need to secure Mr. A's time to open up/lock up the school for the event.  Please see Mrs. Waring in the school office to arrange this.