In September 2016, we launched an exciting new enrichment programme to complement the reinvention of our whole school house system. Over the course of this school year, all children, from Reception to Year 6, will have the opportunity to participate in 4 different enrichment activities alongside other children in their house. We hope that this will strengthen relationships across year groups and key stages as well as giving children the chance to engage in new opportunities outside of their usual classroom environment. Below is a short overview of the activities on offer this year and photographs of what we have experienced so far!


During these afternoons, children will have the opportunity to engage in rhythm games, use technology to create short pieces of music and use instruments to develop a longer composition in small groups. These compositions will be celebrated and shared at the end of the Enrichment afternoons.

Art and Design

For this activity, children will work together in small groups, lead by an older member of KS2, to create bird feeders using a variety of art materials and techniques. Children will be able to bring their finished craft home to share with parents.


The children will work in small groups to recreate a story written by their house author. They will use an app on the school tablets to film, edit and present their animation through stop motion footage. Following the final Enrichment afternoon, children will be able to share their creations with one another.

Outdoor Team Building

During these afternoons, children will participate in different activities that involve the outdoors including roasting marshmallows using our on site fire pit, creating large outdoor sand and salt pictures and den building. Children will be encouraged to play together and explore the outdoor areas whatever the weather!

History Day

We were very lucky to have been visited by some student teachers from UWE. Each year group learnt about a different historical Bristolian. We also had a visitor from the Bristol Museum who led an assembly and showed us different artifacts related to the famous Bristolians we had learnt about throughout the day.