Vision and Values

Vision Statement

At Westbury Park School we value and respect one another. Our learning community inspires and challenges us to do our best, to develop confidence to make positive choices in a changing world, so that together we discover tomorrow.

Our School Rules

School Development Plan

The Westbury Park School Charter

This Charter sets out our vision, values and principles for the whole school community and will inform everything we do.


Love of learning
  • Enjoying learning and taking pride in our work
  • Working hard and trying our best
  • Developing interests and talents within and beyond the classroom
  • Looking at mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Sharing with others the excitement of new ideas and experiences
  • Celebrating each others’ achievements
  • Respect for others regardless of any differences
  • Encouraging self respect and developing empathy for others
  • Being polite to others
  • Listening to and being considerate of the opinions and needs of others
  • Caring for the environment in school, around Westbury Park, throughout Bristol and the world
  • Being fair and friendly to everyone
  • Sharing willingly
  • Treating others as we would like to be treated
  • Remembering kind hands and feet and words
  • Knowing when to compromise
  • Realising when we have done something wrong
  • Saying sorry and really meaning it, so we can start again
  • Trying our hardest to forgive others
  • Being open and honest
  • Feeling safe and secure
  • Showing loyalty to our friends appropriately
  • Knowing when to ask for help
  • Being ready to learn
  • Being determined and not giving up
  • Listening and trying to understand
  • Learning to make the right choices
  • To hold the wellbeing and emotional development of children above everything else
  • To regard every child as an individual and have high expectations for all
  • To promote a happy, safe and supportive learning environment in partnership with parents
  • To pursue a broad, inspiring and enriching curriculum that encourages and celebrates achievement in all areas of learning
  • To equip children for the future so they become confident individuals, responsible citizens and lifelong learners
  • To serve the local community in the best interests of all children’s learning
  • To support the local education community and work with local schools, to understand our roles and responsibilities in the wider world
  • To be a fair employer with commitment to equal opportunities, supporting personal and professional development of all staff and promoting a positive working environment that celebrates their dedication and commitment.