What is the WPSA?

The WPSA (Westbury Park School Association) is an independent charity of which all parents of the school are automatically members. Our aim is to:

  • organise social events throughout the year with the aim of bringing the school community together;
  • raise much-needed additional funds for the enrichment of our school. 

What does the WPSA do?

The WPSA organises fundraising events throughout the year ranging from major fundraisers (the Christmas Bazaar and the summer BBQ) to smaller events such as Kids’ Bingo, theChildren’s Disco and cake sales.

What is the money used for?

Recently, the money raised by the WPSA has been used for the purchase of new phonics resources for Reception and Key Stage 1, new books for Years 3 and 6, and new sports equipment and storage.

Who’s involved in the WPSA?

The WPSA is open to all. All parents are automatically members and anyone can come along to our termly meetings or get involved with raising money. Feel free to get in touch with someone on the committee if you would like more information.