Camping trips                          

Most year groups organise a group summer camping trip.  These are awesome fun, the kids love them and so do the adults.  Firepits, marshmallow toasting, water fights, beer, barbeques - and hopefully dry weather!  Details of dates booked by each year group are below so that year reps can avoid clashes where possible.

Reception - don't feel that you need to organise camping, it often doesn't happen for reception as people are still settling in to school life - of course you can if you want to!  

 Year group    Date booked
 Year one 7-9 June (booked)
 Year two 14-16 June (booked)
 Year three 21-23  June (joint with year 5)
 Year four 
 Year five 21-23  June (joint with year 3)
 Year six 28 June  or 5 July (TBC)

Previous camps have been held at:

Beeches Farm in Chepstow
Far Peak in the Cotswolds
Greenacres in Somerset
Nettwood Farm in East Harptree

If you want to recommend a campsite on here please let the team know: