Year 6 activities                        

Year 6 is a special year for the kids and the parents/carers.  The children are in their final year of primary school.  As such there are more activities planned just for them by the year 6 parents and carers.  Not directly related to WPSA but run by volunteers from the year 6 parents.  This page is a way for them to share information from a central place.

This year's reps
This year the reps are: Mandy Webb, Carol Williams, Caroline Sowden, Michele Weber and  Sharon Backes

Dates for your diary

The year 6 specific activities, and dates where known are 

 Date Event Organisers
 15 October 2018 Year 6 social, Kensington Arms 
 19 December 2018 Year 6 Christmas play school
 8-19 April Bob-a-Job (Easter holidays) 
 6 May 2019 Redland May Fair stall 
 13 - 17 May 2019 SATS School
 3-7 June 2019 Year 6 France trip School
 21 or 28 June 2019 Year 6 Camping 
 22 or 29 June 2019 Foxes end of season tournament 
 17 July 2019 Summer play (tbc) school
 18 July 2019 Cardiff Swimming trip school
 19 July 2019 Kids Leavers Party 
 20 July 2019 Adults Party 
 23 July 2019 End of year 6 social (kids/parents after school at the Cambridge) 

The following, more detailed, information available to download in a glorious spreadsheet.

Year 6 mailing list (limited reps access to this - contact Sharon Backes if you require access)