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WPSA meetings are held regularly to which everyone is invited. Meeting dates are advertised in the school newsletter, WPSA communications and they're all listed here on the website.  This year we have decided to reduce the number of meetings help throughout the year.  The dates of the meetings to be held in 2018/19 are:

  • Wed 14 Nov 2018 - 7.00pm 2L
  • Tues 5 March 2019 - 7.00pm 2L
  • Thurs 20 June 2019 - 7.00pm 2L
Here's the agenda for the 20th June 2019
Here's the minutes for 5th March 2019
Here's the agenda for the 5th March 2019
Here's the minutes for 14th November 2018
Here's the agenda for 14th November 2018.
Here's the minutes 3rd October 2018.

Whether you want to just come along to see what it’s all about, or whether you are interested in becoming involved in the WPSA and future events, why not come to the next WPSA meeting? It’s is a great way to meet other parents and get more involved with the school.

Please feel free to get in touch at anytime though, no need to wait for a meeting: