Logo of the WPSA

Where your money goes

The main objective of the WPSA is to enrich our children’s learning environment by enabling the school to purchase additional equipment, or to buy in external resources and services.

At the start of the academic year, the school puts forward fundraising proposals based on the school’s and the WPSA’s (and therefore the parents’) priorities.

Agreed funding targets are timetabled for delivery throughout the year. Money raised does not sit around in the WPSA coffers for long; it goes where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

So far this year, the tremendous fundraising efforts of parents and staff mean that we are well on track to meet all of the 2013/14 funding objectives including:
  • £7,250 to buy new library books and equipment
  • £5,400 towards ICT development (to be fund-matched by a Charitable Trust)
  • £1,000 for a Design and Technology week focusing on food and cooking
  • £6,000 for playground improvements (to be fund-matched by a Charitable Trust)
  • £2,100 for year group enrichment activities or speakers
Thank you for all your support. It really does make a difference to our children’s education.

£1,000 Bonus Funds - NEWS

Thanks to all of you who came up with suggestions on how to spend the £1,000 put forward by the WPSA and to all who voted. The winning idea was Table Tennis Tables - we look forward to having these installed and giving the children a new breaktime activity to enjoy!