WPSA Contacts

WPSA Committee

We've had a selection of new volunteers this year and the current committee consists of:
 Chair Sally Wootten
 Vice-Chair  Rachel Sessions-Hodge
 Secretary Rosie Gaudie
 Principal  Richard Bamber
 Treasurer  Hugo Gallery
 Vice Treasurer     Maria Velecela
 Communications    Katherine Carr
 Communications Kate Hawkins
 Communications    Sharon Backes
 Teacher Rep     Helen Clark
 Events  Emma Stirk
 Grants and funding   Jenny Campion-Smith
 Sponsorship management Zoe Everson
 Year reps coordinator Jo Hiles
 Uniform Katherine Gould
 Uniform Fiona Greener

Year reps
Each of the year groups are represented by the class reps - these are parents that volunteer for a whole academic year to organise their years' activities and to represent their year group at the WPSA meetings.

Reception: Sarah Roberts, Laura Mcewen, Lucy Ford, Jenny Campion-Smith
Year one: Frances Baber, Sarah Salkeld, Kari Bannister, Vicky Murphy
Year two: Helen Godwin, Lucy Lydyard, Sheena Teeder, Jo Bailey
Year three: Rosie Cannings, Siouxsie Hacking, Sam Gray, Lexi Ashford
Year four: Galiya Benson, Charlotte Callen, Sarah Headford, Alina Fisher
Year five: Lucy Payne, Mel Shufflebottom, Shaney Pauling, Lola Knight
Year six: Mandy Webb, Carol Williams, Caroline Sowden, Michele Weber and Sharon Backes

We're always glad to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch with your comments, suggestions or (we hope) to volunteer your help! Contact us at: wpsateam@gmail.com