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Year 4 Curriculum


Year 4 Timetable 2018/2019

Term 1 English and Mathematics

In English, we will be starting the term by writing an historical story based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ where children will be transporting themselves back to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Later in the term, we will be writing an explanation text on how a volcano works.

In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, multiplying/dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 and rounding numbers. We will then move on to mental and written addition and subtraction and will be applying these skills to solve real life problems. 
Please check our calculation policy here.

Term 1. States of matter- weekly experiments (classification, evaporation, condensation, heating, cooling).
Term 2. Sound- vibrations, pitch, volume.
Term 3. Living things and their habitats- Classification and environment.
Term 4. Animals Including Humans, starting with Digestion and Teeth.
Term 5. Electricity- culminating in electricity day.
Term 6. Reviewing topics and revision.

We will be continuing with our PE sessions up at Kellaway Avenue Playing Field on a Monday afternoon. The children should remember to wear their PE kit including tracksuit bottoms, a warm top and trainers please every Monday. Waterproof jackets may also be needed as the weather gets less pleasant.

Swimming will resume on a Thursday morning and will continue in Year 4 until February half term. Please make sure the children have their swimming costumes and towels in school on Thursday mornings. We would also greatly appreciate parental help in each class on those mornings to accompany us to swimming. Please see the signup sheet on the classroom doors.

This term Mrs. Showler will continue our journey through the JIGSAW puzzles on Tuesday afternoon.

The Six Puzzles
There are six Puzzles in Jigsaw that are designed to progress in sequence from September to July:
Autumn 1: Being Me in My World
Autumn 2: Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying)
Spring 1: Dreams and Goals
Spring 2: Healthy Me
Summer 1: Relationships
Summer 2: Changing Me (including Sex Education)
Each Puzzle has six Pieces (lessons) which work towards an ‘end product’, for example, The School Learning
Charter or The Garden of Dreams and Goals.
Each Piece has two Learning Intentions: one is based on specific PSHE learning (covering the non-statutory
national framework for PSHE Education but enhanced to address children’s needs today); and one is based
on emotional literacy and social skills (covering the SEAL learning intentions but also enhanced). The
enhancements mean that Jigsaw is relevant to children living in today’s world as it helps them understand
and be equipped to cope with issues like body image, cyber and homophobic bullying, and internet safety.

We will be learning about the legacy of the Ancient Romans and their impact on today's modern society, through a range of Geography and History lessons. We will be studying about the expansion of the Roman Empire, weird and wonderful emperors, the invasion of Britain and the Roman army, Roman gods and goddesses, inventions and much, much more.

In term 1, we will be learning about volcanoes, to support our Ancient Roman topic. On Tuesday afternoons the children will also learn about Awra Ambra, a village in Ethiopia, specifically at how they have built and run their community in contrast to life in Bristol. 

In term 2, we will focus on the teaching of the life and stories of Jesus Christ, leading towards the run up to Christmas.

This year we will continue to integrate Google Products with our learning. They will support their learning by using Google Classroom and related programs such as Docs, Slides and Sheets.
Children will continue to learn Coding via Espresso Coding.

This year children will continue to participate in Keystage and Whole school singing.
We shall also complete music through Charanga music.
We should also be lucky to have Bristol Music lead us with a 10-week programme of Percussion.