How to help your Year One child

Reading at home with an adult is an important part of a child's development. Please read with your child at home - for advice click here.

The activities we have suggested below have been specifically designed for parents and children to share together, rather than being a solitary task that the child might just as well be doing in class – or on the moon!

If these activities are to really help your child and fully advance their learning, then they needs draw upon the situation and resources of the home. This means that school-learning is transferred to real-life contexts.

Please participate in their homework by following this simple advice:

• Do pick a good time to do the activities – preferably not in a rush, and NOT when their favourite TV programme is on.

• Allow your child to take the lead, only assisting if they are unsure or need something read out or explained.

• Read the notes on the sheet – often the activity is focussed on one specific skill and other skills are less important, and do not need to be fussed over!

• Be positive! Praise is much more effective as a stimulus to hard work and good learning than criticism.

Thank you for helping your child. You and we will see the benefits.

Homework activities